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Our staff and professional network consist of people who have been involved with youth ministry for years.  It is only natural that 4:12 Records would find ways to support young people.  We hope that you will join us in supporting the following programs designed with youth in mind: 

ONLINE YOUTH FORUM - This forum is a place where young people can express their thoughts and support one another.  It is located at www.stanleyporter.net , a site maintained by 4:12 Records Inc.  Youth leaders are welcome to serve as moderators and participate in topic discussions.  Frequent posters are eligible for prizes.  Click here to go directly to the forum!

FUNDRAISING - Periodically we help raise money for causes and groups that support youth.  What we will typically do is donate a portion of the sale of our products to the group or cause.  Our artists also perform benefit concerts.  Stay tuned to hear about the charity work with which we are currently involved.  If you would like us to help your cause or support your group, please email us at 412records@unimstores.com.  Special Rules Apply.